Professeur des universités

Dimitris Kotzinos


Dimitris Kotzinos is a Professor at the ETIS Lab and the Computer Science Department at the University of Cergy Pontoise.

Professor Kotzinos’s main research interests include data management algorithms, techniques and tools; development of methodologies, algorithms and tools for web based information systems, portals and web services; and the understanding of the meaning (semantics) of interoperable data and services on the web. In that respect, he is interested in providing conceptual models for the cultural domain and analyzing information collected by personal devices by visitors of cultural organizations. Since recently, he is also working on studying the formation and evolution of discussions in online social networks and he is interested in using such techniques to identify and analyze opinions around cultural events. He is involved in two projects currently supported by PATRIMA. Dimitris has published in various journals, books, conferences and workshops and serves as a program committee member and reviewer for various conferences and journals.

Autres Chercheurs


Jérôme Wassermann

Jérôme WASSERMANN, PhD in Geophysics, is Research Engineer at the Laboratory of Mechanics and Materials of Civil Engineering (L2MGC), University of Cergy Pontoise.

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Aliaa Moualla

Aliaa Moualla est ingénieure en contrôle et automatisation, diplômée d'un master de robotique, elle est actuellement en thèse au laboratoire ETIS équipe neurocybernétique.

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Marie-Morgane Paumard

Marie-Morgane effectue un doctorat en deep learning appliqué aux sciences du patrimoine ; elle travaille à la reconstitution automatique d’objets à partir de fragments.

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